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My great passion is supporting my clients through life’s many transitions. It means a great deal to me when I receive feedback that indicates I have made a positive impact on someone’s life. Below you will find several testimonials highlighting different clients’ experiences through the work together we did in either coaching or workshops/groups.

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There are certain people that spread joy, and it reminded me of a high school teacher who had a sign in his class that said, “Free knowledge, bring your own container.” You ought to have a sign that reads, “Free joy, bring your own container.” What I find to be so wonderful in working with Julia is that she has a gentle way of reminding you that change and transformation can be playful. Julia compassionately guided me through a time of great crisis. And once I was ready to move past the pain, she taught me that change and transformation can be found through playful reflection. What a gift!

– Teresa

I want you to know how thankful I am to have you in my life to help me learn so many important lessons that have helped me to move towards making choices that empower me rather than drag me down.

– Pam

The wisdom and tools we learned from Julia over the past year helped us to navigate and survive one of the most difficult times of our lives. More importantly, those tools have helped us to grow as a couple and as individuals in ways that I did not know were possible and could not have achieved without her guidance. This new understanding of our selves, our wants and our emotions has positioned us change the trajectory of our lives and to create a new path for our future. I have openly and highly recommended Julia to many of our friends, just as she was recommended to us. She is a caring, compassionate person and a wonderful source of knowledge, guidance and really good hugs.

– Nikki

Your skill with people amazes me. I love the way you listen. I love the way you share. XO.

– Holly

Julia has been a blessing to me and my husband in so many ways. As a couple, we have learned valuable tools for communication and are continuing to learn from her individually. This past year I was invited to participate in her first Transformation Learning Community (TLC) and it has changed my life. I’ve built deep,meaningful relationships with the other members and truly know what it is to have a community of woman that not only value me but support me to thecore. TLC has allowed me to be vulnerable, explore facets of my personality,acknowledge when I’m living in a contracted state and most importantly I’ve learned how to move through my feelings with ease. Learning from Julia has truly changed my life. I am forever grateful and honored to have her wisdom, compassion and joy in my life.

– Laura Hamilton, TLC Member 2015-2016

When Julia asked me to be a part of her first T.L.C. (Transformation Learning Community) course, it was a no-brainer. I’d worked with Julia privately for over a year and she had already helped me gracefully navigate through some very difficult situations and decisions. TLC gave me the opportunity to explore many of the lessons and techniques she had introduced to me to during our sessions, however, the impact of learning and working together with other women was unimaginably impactful. With these women, I found my tribe. Through our year together, Julia expertly led us in exercises that allowed integrate powerful tools allowing for deeper self-awareness, effective and compassionate communication, and realizing our ability to grow into our daily lives. My relationships with my family, my partner, and most certainly myself, are enriched because of the work I have done with Julia and TLC. I am forever grateful.

– Katherine, TLC Member 2015-2016

After years of struggling with addiction, compromise, making ends meet; I had finally hit bottom. Getting sober, and connecting with a therapist, I began to build a more solid life. A year and a half in I began to struggle, this time with lack of focus, fear about how and where to move forward in my life. My therapist informed me of this this class. I signed up immediately, even though I was petrified of of a group setting… I needed to learn how to dream again. I learned far more than I expected. I found my body knows more then I do, how to help bolster others that feel the same as I. Taking time to build my future, and only worry about the brick in my hand today. Julia’s effortless excitement and joy about teaching this class is not only inspiring and engaging, but creates a nurturing and expansive environment. My dreams are growing everyday, and part of my foundation is some of the knowledge I learned from Julia’s D.R.E.A.M. Course.

– Nick, D.R.E.A.M. Course Participant

I’ve had the privilege of working with Julia Munson over the last two years while she taught a monthly class at my church. Not only did my wife and I benefit from Julia’s wisdom and brilliant teaching, but I also saw an immediate impact on my professional work as an educator and classroom mentor in a local school district. Since I’m often asked to mentor veteran teachers who are burned out and struggling to maintain their professional dignity, I found Julia’s teachings on the hero/victim/villain triangle to be incredibly insightful. As a result, my veteran teachers are not only surviving…but thriving in their classrooms. Thank you, Julia!

– Tim Hillmer, Induction Mentor & Classroom Coach,Educator Support Services, Boulder Valley School District, Boulder, Colorado