Individual & Couples Coaching

Individual and Couples Coaching

Coaching is for those individuals or couples who are ready to dissolve patterns that continue to create unhappiness or drama in their life. See if any of this resonates:

  • You’re tired of feeling anxious, depressed or having the sense that life is passing you by.
  • Your job feels stale. You may be very good at what you do, but inside you feel like you’re just going through the motions.
  • Your relationship started off with electricity…..and now you co-exist as roommates.
  • You recycle the same old arguments and can’t seem to find a happy ending.

Why Mid-life (and beyond) is the perfect time to get some professional coaching:

When you were younger in your twenties and thirties… your focus was on building a life. You wanted to begin a career, find a life partner and start a family. Your focus was primarily outward. However, after you’ve built the structure for your life, you may begin to notice that you’ve also developed certain patterns that do not serve you very well. You might notice a sense of longing, like something’s missing. Or you notice a restless quality and you experience periods of unhappiness.

Your longing and discontent are the perfect signals that It’s time to create something new! It’s an ideal time in life to invest in coaching because:

  • You likely have more time and space now that kids no longer need you as much
  • You have had enough time to experience your unsuccessful patterns and have run out of people to blame
  • You begin to realize that you won’t actually live forever. Facing into mortality can be a powerful motivator where the fear of not changing starts to outweigh the fear of changing.
  • Your life experience and wisdom can point you to what’s next. You just may need help learning how to listen to this inner guidance.

I can assure you that the changes you are wanting to make are far easier when you have an expert guide! All it takes is your willingness to learn AND a willingness to make an investment in YOU.

Whether your complaint is just about you or about your relationship, please know that you don’t have to continue living in a way that just doesn’t feel good. You’re actually being called to something greater….you just may not know how to get there.

With your willingness to learn and my vast array of experience, I know I can help you!

“With a strong commitment to inquiring into yourself, the universe does not have to use catastrophes to wake you up.”
– Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks