Meet Julia Munson

Meet Julia Munson

Meet Julia Munson

Psychotherapist – Coach – Transformational Catalyst

I had my first informal coaching gig at 16 when I worked at a fast food restaurant in Topeka, Kansas. My co-workers would periodically request to meet with me after hours to just “talk about what’s going on.” I recall sitting in the restaurant booth across from one of them, fascinated with their story – touched they were so open with me and noticing then I had a knack for listening. To this day I joke about getting my start as a Mctherapist!

My own wake-up to learn about relationships came after I went through a divorce in the middle of graduate school. As anyone will attest who has gone through this, it is never “part of the plan.” This experience was the catalyst for my psychological and spiritual development and opened my eyes to how much I had to learn about life and love. My investment paid off as I was able to re-marry several years later and go on to create a different kind of relationship than the first go-around. I have been married over 30 years and we have enjoyed raising two children together (who are happily launched!)

After a health scare in 2008, I engaged in a period of soul-searching and wondering more about my purpose. This time led me to the work of Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks and I knew I had found my next teachers. After extensive training with their transformational work, I began expanding my reach and offering more teaching to couples and organizations interested in developing their own relationship skills. To this day, I am grateful to the Hendricks for their contribution of practical skills that have the ability to transform lives in a playful way.

Now I am honored to serve women at mid-life who are ready to reinvent themselves and create a next chapter they absolutely love. My clients are the brave ones who aren’t willing to settle simply because they are aging. They believe that as long as they have breath, they have a contribution to make.

To lean more about my personal journey, see my blog on Choice Points.

Training & Credentials

  • Master’s Degree in Social Work – University of Kansas, 1982
  • Marriage & Family Therapy Certification – Menninger Foundation, 1985
  • Somatic Experiencing Certification for Trauma Resolution – 1996
  • Conscious Relationship & Body/Mind Vibrance Coach – Hendricks Institute, 2009
  • Transformation Leader Graduate – Hendricks Institute, 2010
  • Center for Pastoral Effectiveness – 2012
  • Professional Licensure, Clinical Social Work – State of Colorado, 1991

Insights that inform my work

  1. All growth is dependent upon increasing self-awareness and a willingness to learn… from absolutely everything.
  2. Your body is a rich container of wisdom. Get to know it and listen deeply for how it speaks to you.
  3. We are fully responsible for our choices and well-being.
  4. What we don’t transform, we transmit. Care enough about the next generation to face into yourself and keep growing.
  5. We thrive when we create healthy relationships AND we know our sense of purpose.

Julia Munson - Mother Daughter Twogether - Logo Grey

Mother Daughter Twogether was born out of the recognition that Julia and Hannah enjoy each other and enjoy learning about healthy relationships. They shared their observations that many moms and daughters they encountered experience distance and friction.

Sometimes the friction calmed down over time, while in other relationships the tension persisted. They wondered what they could offer that might address this problem and decided to create a platform that promotes open dialogue about the “stuck points” and teach skills that support healthy relationships.

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